Types of Sauces and Pastes for Asian Dishes

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Chopsticks and soy sauce

Oyster Sauce

The oyster sauce is sweet, salty and has a little bit of smoky taste. The main ingredients in this sauce is salt, wheat flour, soy sauce, water, sugar and very little oyster. It is seen in dishes like Sweet and Sour Chicken, Vietnamese Bo Bun and Fried rice vermicelli. The oyster sauce is the only sauce that you need to keep in your fridge after you opened it.

Soy Sauce

The main one is the soy sauce. This sauce is mostly seen in Chinese dishes. There are 3 types of soy sauces: Light, dark and soy sauce paste. The light soy sauce is made up of water, soybeans, salt and wheat flour. It is mainly used in sautéed dishes like Stir fried noodles (Mi Xao), Chinese fried rice, Chinese style fried chicken, Asian chili garlic prawns.

The dark soy sauce has the same ingredients of the light soy sauce plus a little bit of caramel to lower the salty taste. It is seen in dishes like Stir fried beef with onions, Chinese caramel chicken or as a Sushi dipping sauce.

Fish Sauce

It is often used to replace the salt in your recipe. It is mainly used in Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes. It will level up the taste of dishes such as Thai grilled chicken, Chicken Curry, Spring rolls and pad Thai just to say a few.

Sesame Oil

It is a vegetable oil extracted from sesame seeds. It is not used for cooking dishes but rather used at the end of the cooking process to increase the taste of your dish. When you use this oil make sure to use the right amount because it has a very distinctive aroma and taste. It can be seen in dishes like soups, salad and dips,

White and Black Vinegar

These vinegars are made up of fermented rice, wheat bran, salt and spices. It is mainly used as a dipping sauce due to its strong taste. They allow these vinegars to mature for longer times which results in a stronger taste compared to fruit or wine vinegars.

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