How to Choose Your Kitchen Pan

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When cooking in the kitchen it is very important to choose the right tools to insure you achieve the right texture and the right flavor. In this article, we will discuss about the use and differences of the 3 most common household pans.

Nonstick Pan

Nonstick frying pan

The non stick pan is the most usual pan for beginner cooks. While many models are available, the best choice is the models with ceramic coatings or rock forged material. As its name says, this pan has a non-sticky surface which makes cooking with low fat very easy, plus, the material used for the pan makes cleaning very easy.

As these types of skillet doesn’t have long life span, it is better to take a good care of the non stick surface to get the most out of your new purchase. Therefore, it is better to use silicone tools for maximum longevity. Or, if not possible, you can use wooden or plastic utensils to prevent any possible damage on the surface.

One of the major drawback for this frying pan is its heat resistance. Due to the non stick material, the surface can easily be damaged if the pan gets too hot. Therefore, it is better to cook simple dishes that do not require high heat.

Note: Something to keep in mind if you choose to buy a pan with a non stick material is to make sure that the coating doesn’t contain any PFOA.

Cast Iron Pan

Cast Iron Pan

Cast Iron is a very versatile cooking pan. These can be used on your stovetop as well as in your oven. Due to its very durable material, this pan can last for decades. Another advantage is the high heat resistance of the material. A cast iron skillet can make broiling food much easier without a risk of damaging you cookware.

Also, by seasoning your cast iron pan, you can have a nonstick surface. This process involves polymerizing oil by heating a small layer of oil on the pan.

On the other hand, the main drawback of a cast iron pan is its maintenance. The cleanup of a cast iron takes much more time compared to a Non stick or stainless steel skillet.

Note: You have to keep in mind that having an iron cookware involves taking care of the pan to avoid any rust.

Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless steel cookware is the main tool for professional cooks. They are light, long lasting and are non reactive if you are planning on deglazing your pan. They can be used on your stovetop as well as in the oven.

In the hand of an experienced cook, stainless steel can easily be used to sear, brown or crisp.

The disadvantages of a stainless steel pan is its very precise heating method. If you overheat or fail to properly oil the surface, the pan will get very sticky very quickly.

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