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“To eat well, eat a balanced diet.”

This is the phrase that should be remembered when the fear of gaining weight is a little too haunting. Indeed, if the ideal weight does not exist, a stable weight, proportional to the size, is itself a sign of good health. And good eating habits are the best way to feel good about yourself.

In dietetics, there is no miracle cure, and there are as many diets as people. So, before asking yourself whether to eat food rich in lipids, carbohydrates, proteins or vitamins, it is better to take the time to do a little personal assessment in order to determine your energy needs and expenses.
Indeed, a sedentary person, not having the same physical activity as an athlete, should not have the same diet.

Energy needs are therefore determined based on an individual’s energy expenditure.

These are of 3 types:

  • the minimum expenditure of the body at rest (basic metabolism)
  • the expense related to maintaining the body temperature (thermogenesis)
  • physical activity.

It is generally the third one which varies the most according to the people and which thus makes it possible to determine the energy needs.
Once the assessment is made, the difficulty is to know how to meet these needs by providing adequate nutrients.
This is where proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other calories come in; this is where you have to learn or relearn how to eat.

Eating well does not mean suffering. The essential point to never lose sight of is that you have to have fun while eating.

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